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Migrating from Windows to BSD

For a basic windows user, after having FreeBSD installed the first thing that comes to mind is:

  1. What programs should I use for the tasks I need to do? See Recommended_applications

Connecting to Internet from a LAN (DSL/Cable)

The easiest way to set up networking is to do it from sysinstall during the initial install. If you set up your machine during install to not have networking or on a different network, you can rerun the sysinstall program like so:

# /stand/sysinstall

or on newer systems:

# /usr/sbin/sysinstall

And from there choose "Post-Install Configuration" and then "Networking".

For a more manual method of doing this, see Network_Configuration_(basic)

Connecting to Internet via Dial-Up

(stub article -- install ppp and a dialer and all that jazz)

See also Troubleshooting connectivity

Transfering your windows mail to Mozilla


Transfering your windows bookmarks to Mozilla


Installing plug-ins and media players so each media type always plays

Stub. Explain about demoronizers so HTML works. Mention misalignment as test.

Explain why some media types play only some of the time - how to fix

Handle the numerous jre install difficulties

Mention popup blocking out of the box and other extensions like stumbleupon for finding help/tutorial sites.

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