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Setting up a workstation

See our Complete_Workstation write-up on how to get a desktop system up and running.


You can get these by Installing ports or by Installing packages

Web Browsing

Firefox, Mozilla, links, lynx, dillo, Opera.

Since 05 Nov 2005 06:04:48 the Development Branch of Firefox is also included in the Ports Tree under /usr/ports/www/firefox-devel.


Thunderbird, Mozilla Mail, mutt, sylpheed, pine


Note that to get sound working under FreeBSD, you'll need to enable your sound card

beep-media-player, xmms, Mplayer, helix, realplayer, VLC, amarok

CD burning and ripping

X-CDRoast, cdrtools [burncd], k3b, grip

If you get any errors along the lines of "can't access /dev/acd0" from one of your CD reading/writing applications, your problem is probably the permissions on /dev/acd0 (or whatever your device is). A quick

chmod 644 /dev/acd0

will probably fix it.

Productivity (requires Java), AbiWord (no Java required), xpdf, evince (also does pdf)

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