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A full office suite, not unlike Microsoft Office, but based on Sun's StarOffice suite, which was released as an open-source licensed product (in the StarOffice version 5). Available for Windows, Linux, Solaris and BSDs, you may see it abbreviated as "OOo".

Requires java, so the ports install takes a long time and you have to do all the downloading and unzipping etc that the Java page mentions. Alternately, you can get pre-built binaries for FreeBSD 5.4 or 6 -RELEASE at Good Day for both the older 1.2 or newer 2.0 OOo releases.

Be sure to csup to the latest ports and portupgrade any old ports if you're going to be installing the 2.0-devel version of OOo; it'll save you a lot of time.

see also the project page here

Setting your language

Setting up your dictionary for other languages in openoffice can be a struggle. I was trying to set it up for Australia only to find that once I installed the UK dictionary for openoffice the spell checker didn't want to work. Here is how I got it to work:

Made Openoffice with my localization info:


Now the tricky part, when you start up openoffice you have to go and set the language for the Default style.

Hit 'F11'
Right click on Default -> Modify
Go to the font section
change the language to something your can read and has a tick next to it which suggests that the dictionary is installed for it.

Now you're right to go.

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