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Oh, so you've come to see all the juicy details about me.

Well, my name is Wolfy. I live in Norman, Oklahoma and have been a long time computer geek. Thankfully, recently rescued from my MS-sinful ways, and brought to a real operating system.

Steve Jobs is my personal hero, and I wish I could be him. We owe everything we have in Personal Computing to that man.

Ok, now for the stuff you wanna know. Here is my Network

Hati - Workstation AMD 64 Athlon XP x2 4800+ MSI-7125 (Neo4 Platinum) Motherboard 2gb DDR400 memory 1tb SATA hdd storrage space (collective) nVidia GForce 8600 PCIX16

Fenris - HP Laptop dv6105us... with a few extras...

Horus - iMac (intel) dual-core OS X Workstation

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