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i'll add the ppp section later...


remove the linux section at the beginning. looks petty and doesn't add anything to the article. Sell BSD, don't try to pull a Hillary on Linux. Also, maybe a security section? I don't do a lot of BSD these days so can't add anything myself.

--Dave 19:24, 31 May 2008 (EDT) i don't have anything against GNU/Linux...i was just explaining as a GNU/Linux user why i chose FreeBSD...simply because there was no way to make a 100% Free software Access Point with GNU/Linux using the cards i had because:

  • or you find some very old cards that i wasn't able to find...and that have firmware bugs(a friend has one with a firmware bug)
  • or you use madwifi(i don't like the proprietary hal)
  • or you use a broadcom with the setup described...complicated and needs a firmware
  • or you use FreeBSD with a ralink card...the best way to go

GNUtoo 17:04, 4 June 2008 (EDT)

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