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Simon, aka "relax", is a new FreeBSD user, and a Windoze refugee currently living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.



He's an expert on C, very competent in C++, competent with VBS script under softimage|XSI, XSI format, OBJ format, 3DS format, maya scripts and format, I have dabbled in openGL and has done extensive work in the field of graphic file format conversions and making script engines.

I'm also good at writing small technical manuals for various types of users. I've written 2 introduction classes to applications and numerous walkthrus or intros for newbies. I can translate technical manuals to french.

I've done some SQL databases, mostly in Access.

I have a continuing interest in extreme programming, MFC, reverse-engineering, and game design.

...and lack thereof

However, my Unix/BSD skills are in need of some help!

For example, how do I duplicate the functionality of various IE's plugins (especially java) in Mozilla is still beyond me. And trying to do it securely too because Moon-sized java security holes are part of what made me quit Windows...


-Help do a windoze refugee survival kit for mozilla plugins and getting those WMV files to work more than half the time. Ideally that would be like typing "make install" and clicking "yes" at a license prompt that appears immediately (NOT after a few minutes) - then it would work immediately after the compile.

-Get a job. Any kind of programming or technical translation job if pay is OK or if the project is more interesting than accounting (yawn). I like free projects too, in fact I've been debugging the tome port for a while.

Current need for help

I have FreeBsd 5.2 (who doesn't like java binaries older BSD were happy with) and linuxbase 7 (which doesn't like java on mozilla).

I've been trying to install java in any shape or form in any browser, but had no success. It has been 3 weeks now, with no other goals in mind.

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