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I think this is misunderstood, if PuTTY should be mentioned on this site (or this category), you should explain about the ssh command, or equal.

After all, this is a page of equals from windows to FreeBSD, and putty on windows is not equal of the descriptions on this page.

If this text even should be on, it should be under a category named interaction, or similar.

(And Jimbo, I am the one that had deleted this item, previously.)

Regards, Morten

Ps. I think it would be nice to have a FreeBSD networling category.


comment your actions

In the future, please COMMENT your actions if you do something like suddenly delete an article out of nowhere. Better yet, DON'T suddenly delete an article out of nowhere - comment on the discussion page, and if nobody objects, delete later. But at a bare minimum when you do something as apparently destructive as just deleting an article, you need to explain why in the Summary text box below the article; otherwise you get mistaken for a vandal.

On the topic of PuTTY, I think it belongs. It might not precisely be a "windows equivalent", but then very little is "precisely equivalent" between windows and unix, and it's important that people know about the most prevalently used open source ssh client for win32. --Jimbo 02:39, 2 Sep 2005 (EDT)

you are ½ right

I rest my case, and i will never ever delete a page again, without a discusion.

But I believe (correct me please) this part of the wiki is for windows folks that thinks "On my WIN box I have my attrib command, what do I have on my new beautiful FreeBSD box?", if this is correct, try replace attrib with PuTTY, the answer you get is a description of PuTTY, that is in my opinion wrong. (But hey, I am not in charge here!)

you're basically right, but it's a shade of grey

In general, that is what the windows equivalents section is - but a little more generally, the section is for helping total n00bs who are likely to still be using windows figure out how to do things. I distinctly remember being such a n00b, and I distinctly remember not knowing about PuTTY and trying to find copies of Teraterm Pro or ... some other commercial client, I forget what, and the commercial clients are ridiculously expensive. Anyway, that really sucked. The idea here is that people who are familiar with windows but not BSD need to know about this, and hopefully will be likely to find it when they browse the category. --Jimbo 09:14, 2 Sep 2005 (EDT)


a whole category for networking might be overkill (then again, maybe not, seeing as how you can do all sorts of routing/firewall stuff w/ FBSD) but a good "so...your networking is broken...what to check?" article might not be a bad idea. I wouldn't mind learning more about Dummynet myself....unfortunately, I don't see myself having the time for this anytime too soon, so if you guys want one...make the page :)

--Dave 10:32, 2 Sep 2005 (EDT)

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