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I'd like to see a link here to "Memory free". Does anybody know of a quick and simply was to get a df-style memory listing (something like the free command under Linux or the mem command under DOS)?

I know I can use top, but that shows me a whole lot of stuff I don't wanna see, and not everything I want to see (for instance the total amount of physical memory).

I know I can type

[light@splat ~]$ sysctl -n hw.physmem

to get the amount of physical memory. I can also get a whole bunch of info from vmstat.

If I have the Linux emulation layer installed and the Linux proc system mounted I can type

[light@splat ~]$ cat /usr/compat/linux/proc/meminfo

This gives me almost exactly what I, or in fact what any person first logging into a server and worrying about memory usage, would want to know.

So, is there a simple answer, one that doesn't require anything installed except the basic system? ;)

- Light

Have you looked at muse?

-- 04:07, 11 Sep 2004 (GMT)

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