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sched is an immediate scheduler built into tcsh and some other shells.


The syntax is simple:

  • Schedule a command for +hh:mm after now:
    sched +hh:mm command.
  • Schedule a command for hh:mm:
    sched hh:mm command
  • Subtract a scheduled command:
    sched -job
  • Show sheduled commands:


4:47:45pm > sched +0:0 echo "execute after 0hrs 0min (now)"
execute after 0hrs 0min (now)
4:47:54pm > sched 4:48p echo "command executed at 4:48p"
4:47:58pm > sched
1       16:48   echo "command executed at 4:48p"
4:48:00pm > command executed at 4:48p 
4:48:00pm >

See also

External, queued schedulers.

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