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Setting up a workstation

See our Complete_Workstation write-up on how to get a desktop system up and running.


You can get these by Installing ports or by Installing packages

Web Browsing

Firefox, Mozilla, links, lynx


Thunderbird, mutt, sylpheed


Note that to get sound working under FreeBSD, you'll need to enable your sound card

beep-media-player, xmms, Mplayer, helix, realplayer

CD burning

X-CDRoast, cdrtools [burncd]

K3b - CD/DVD Kreator for KDE. GPL 2 licensed. Features include:

  • Supports CD-R(W), DVD-R(W), and DVD+R(W)
  • Creating data, audio, mixed mode, CD-i, and Video CDs -- DVD data projects, too.
  • CD/DVD ripping and cloning
  • Supports image burning (ISO and CUE/BIN) to CD or DVD recordable media.
  • Optional verification of written data for any and all burn modes, projects, and supported recordable media.
  • DCOP interface, allowing K3b to be controlled from another program or script. (not yet available in the stable branch as of 22 May 2005)
  • More details on the project's About page.


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