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Setting up a workstation

See our Complete_Workstation write-up on how to get a desktop system up and running.


You can get these by Installing ports or by Installing packages

Web Browsing

Firefox, Mozilla, links, lynx


Thunderbird, Mozilla Mail, mutt, sylpheed, pine


Note that to get sound working under FreeBSD, you'll need to enable your sound card

beep-media-player, xmms, Mplayer, helix, realplayer, VLC

CD burning and ripping

X-CDRoast, cdrtools [burncd], k3b, grip

If you get any errors along the lines of "can't access /dev/acd0" from one of your CD reading/writing applications, your problem is probably the permissions on /dev/acd0 (or whatever your device is). A quick

chmod 644 /dev/acd0

will probably fix it.

Productivity, AbiWord (No Java Required)

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