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Welcome to

This is a fledgling wikipedia devoted primarily to common issues faced by new and veteran FreeBSD administrators. The goal is to create a common knowledge store which could also be referred to as "FreeBSD for the Impatient", in other words, a place where it is easy to delve straight into simple answers about common needs and problems relating to both FreeBSD servers and their integration into other types of networks.


  1. Why FreeBSD?
  2. Installing FreeBSD
  3. Architecture-Specific
  4. Configuring FreeBSD
  5. System Commands
  6. Common Tasks
  7. Ports and Packages
  8. FreeBSD Terminology
  9. Windows Equivalents
  10. Cygwin

Please feel free to register and contribute! If you need a little help figuring out how to add articles or categories, please see Help:Adding Content. If you would like some basic guidelines on how to format your article, see Help:Style Guidelines.

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