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Want to take over

It's been more than a decade now, and I'm not really active in the FreeBSD community any more. Maintaining, updating, and keeping the spammers out of this wiki isn't really enough of a focus for me anymore, and it's probably time to either hand over the reins to someone who is interested in actively maintaining it, or to close the doors. If you're interested in taking over and maintaining, send an email to freebsdwiki [at] jrs-s dot net, and we'll talk.


Welcome to

This is a wiki project devoted primarily to common issues faced by new and veteran FreeBSD administrators. The goal is to create a common knowledge store which could also be referred to as "FreeBSD for the Impatient" - in other words, a place where it is easy to delve straight into simple answers about common needs and problems relating to both FreeBSD servers and their integration into other types of networks.


  1. Why FreeBSD?
  2. Installing FreeBSD
  3. Architecture-Specific
  4. Configuring FreeBSD
  5. Securing FreeBSD
  6. Important Config Files
  7. System Commands
  8. Common Tasks
  9. FreeBSD for Workstations
  10. FreeBSD Multimedia
  11. FreeBSD for Servers
  12. Ports and Packages
  13. FreeBSD Terminology
  14. Windows Equivalents
  15. Linux Equivalents
  16. Cygwin
  17. New User Tips and FAQs

Please feel free to register and contribute! If you need a little help figuring out how to add articles or categories, please see Help:Adding Content. If you would like some basic guidelines on how to format your article, see Help:Style Guidelines. If you want to check out some other FreeBSD info resources, see External Links.

NOTE: If you're getting 403 Forbidden errors when you try to submit things, see Help:WikiSpam.

NOTE2: As of 2013-06-11, is now closed to public registration/editing due to spambots. Sorry people, I just don't have the time to keep up with deleting the hundreds of bots that make it PAST the filters every day. :( If you're a real human and you're bright enough to figure out how to email me (at, feel free to request a working login, and I'll be happy to send you one.

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