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[[category: System Commands]]
[[category: System Commands]]
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Found in /bin/cat, when cat is given a file as an argument, it will print out the file contents to your console, or it can be redirected to another file or process.

samizdata# cat /etc/fstab
# Device                Mountpoint      FStype  Options         Dump    Pass#
/dev/da0b               none            swap    sw              0       0
/dev/da1b               none            swap    sw              0       0
/dev/da0a               /               ufs     rw              1       1
/dev/da0d               /tmp            ufs     rw              2       2
/dev/da1e               /usr            ufs     rw              2       2
/dev/da1d               /var            ufs     rw              2       2
/dev/cd0                /cdrom          cd9660  ro,noauto       0       0

Related commands are zcat (aka gzcat) and bzcat, for use with gzipped and bzipped archives, respectively. Very useful for easily reading rotated, compressed logfiles - for example, let's say I'm tracking down some jackass that keeps trying to find a way into my server, and I want to look at one of the older sections of my auth log:

ph34r# bzcat auth.log.0.bz2 | grep Illegal
Oct 19 20:47:47 ph34r sshd[35556]: Illegal user adam from
Oct 19 20:47:49 ph34r sshd[35558]: Illegal user alan from
Oct 19 20:47:52 ph34r sshd[35560]: Illegal user frank from
Oct 19 20:47:54 ph34r sshd[35562]: Illegal user george from
Oct 19 20:47:56 ph34r sshd[35564]: Illegal user henry from
Oct 19 20:47:59 ph34r sshd[35566]: Illegal user john from
Oct 19 20:48:14 ph34r sshd[35578]: Illegal user test from

Without having to muck around with multiple steps or temporary files or any of that business, I told my server to load up the bzip archive of the last section of my auth log, decompress it, and send the results to grep so that I'd only see the entries related to "Illegal" users. And voila - I can see that the idiot at the APNIC address is trying a dictionary-style username attack on my server.

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