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As you may be able to guess, this is the shell configuration file for the C-shell.



Modifying your prompt can make your work experience more productive. Here are some common variables for customizing your C-Shell prompt:

  •  %/ - The current working directory shown as /home/user/
  •  %~ - The current working directory with your own home directory shown as "~" and other users shown as "~user"
  •  %m - The machine's hostname up until the first . (Ex: would show up as simply "freebsd")
  •  %n - Displays the username you are logged on as
  •  %M - The machine's full hostname (Ex:
  •  %t - Shows the time in 12 hour format (Ex: 4:04pm)
  •  %T - Shows the time in 24 hour format (Ex: 16:04)
  •  %p - Shows the "precise" time of day in 12 hour format (Ex: 4:04:01)
  •  %P - Shows the "precise" time of day in 24 hour format (Ex: 16:04:01)

To experiment with various prompts, use the command set prompt. Here is an example:

% set prompt='[%t][%n@%m:%~]% '

Now your prompt looks like this:


To make these changes permanent, you can add the "set prompt" line above into your .cshrc file. If you wish to make them global for all accounts, add that line into /etc/csh.cshrc

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